The Cave
games, comics, toys

In May of 1998, we opened The Cave at 100A South Mississippi.  We stayed in business for 8 years at that location before moving to 308 East 10th Street.  We had outgrown the location about four years before we actually moved.  We stayed at the second location for four years before moving to our current location.


Our name started from a high school theme of English homework assignments, which I had written revolving around a world of Cave Rabbits and Cave Bunnies.  Initially the store name might have been the Jester, but research found another hobby store in the United States was using that name, so I chose The Cave. 


Our town had previously had another hobby store in town named the Web (owned by TJ Langley) so this idea of a title called "The ..." was something I thought might pay homage to a good friend.  TJ had taught me several things about operating a comic book store. 


Throughout the years, Ada has had other comic stores, each with a group following and staff trying to cater to the needs of that following.


Mark's Comic Galaxy (circa 1988-1990) - owner Mark

The Web (circa 1991-1996) - owner TJ Langley

Immortal Comics (1998) - owner Buddy Marvin

Titan Comics (2005?) - owner John Bolin


Each of these stores and people hold a special place in our hearts, and we hope we have served these legacies well.  We sincerely hope that the past customers have felt comfortable doing business with us.


There is no way this store would have or would survive without the help from a long list of friends and family, so I will only name a small few (no disrespect to those not mentioned) - Les Brooks, Steve Horne, Craig Stonecipher, Cade Simmons, Sam Baker, Buddy Marvin, and Matthew Temple. And as always we wish to be of service to our customers, for without them we could not stay in business.


So check out some photos from the past...